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Quick Pack Pacific Co., Ltd. has been operating in Thailand since 1983, although the story starts in Florence, Italy in 1975. In fact, that is where the business prospect initiated. An Italian entrepreneur embarked on a journey to Asia to visit various countries in the search of the most appropriate location to start a manufacturing plant of PVC films to be sold together with Italian packaging machines. After visiting 9 different countries, Thailand was chosen.
Continuous improvement and quality control systems has allowed Quick Pack’s Fresh Wrap® brand and now all the other FRESH logo brands and QUICK SHRINK brands to enter flawlessly in the local Thai market which has increased its request for European standard products. The international scene is also one that is increasing its demand and has been generating a strong pull effect towards exporting a large quantity of Quick Pack Pacific’s total production.
The extraordinary growth rate over the past few years lays the path for an even more splendid future. From a start of a mere few metric tons produced monthly back in 1983. Today the production has grown exponentially and has continued to increase its capacity in order to keep up with the strong demand.

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