President butter

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President butter

On the 19th of October 1933, André Besnier collected his first 35 litres of milk and produced his 17 camemberts. The Besnier group, which changed name in 1999 to Lactalis, is now Europe’s number one dairy company.

Lactalis is amongst the world's leading cheese manufacturers with sales over 600,000 tonnes over nearly 150 countries around the world.

Famous for its Président brand of camembert, brie, emmental, butter and cream, Lactalis is passionate about cheese, and has a reputation for nurturing, protecting and investing in local cheese production facilities to maintain the traditions and heritage of cheesemaking.

In France, it owns 74 production facilities all of which produce unique products for the retail, food service and Besnier Productsindustrial sectors of the market, and processes 4.5 billion liters of milk collected from around 20,000 dairy farmers.

Lactalis is a global company, with 51 production facilities outside France and a presence in countries including USA, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Italy and Spain. It employs 33,500 people worldwide, of which 15,000 are in France. The head office is situated in Laval, 250 km west of Paris, close to the Brittany and Normandy regions.

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