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French company centennial Lesieur is specialized in the production and marketing of vegetable oils and condiments sauces France. Company Valuation of Oilseeds Sofiprotéol Pole Lesieur benefits from the expertise of this group on the entire oil industry, it is at the service of sustainable innovation and the nutritional quality of its products.
Lesieur has become a reference in the world of oil and condiment sauces of France by offering a broad portfolio of innovative products developed according to several themes: the taste, quality, nutrition and respect for the environment.
The presence of Sofiprotéol throughout the oilseed Lesieur allows to control various stages of manufacture of its oil: purchase of raw material (seeds), crushing, refining and bottling.
Lesieur is a SAS with a capital of 36 689 935.92 euros
•    Chair: Yves DELAINE
•    Executive Director: Romain NOUFFERT
Key figures
•    Sales 2012: € 732 million
•    Overall headcount at 31.12.2012: 726 people
•    Volume of refined oils and neutralized: 456,000 Tons
•    Volume of oil packaged: 298 million liters
•    Volume Sauces & Condiments conditioned: 40,000 Tons
•    Position on the market Vegetable Oils: No. 1 in France
•    Position on the market condiment sauces: No. 3 in France
International presence
Lesieur exports its products to over 60 countries, including Belgium, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Germany, or the Maghreb.

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