La pedriza

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La pedriza


The pillars of our company were set in 1955 when Mr. Francisco José Sánchez Fernández founded it, giving it his name and nowadays it is the base of his family’s business group. After years of continuous development of their company’s activities and as a result of the desire to improve the management, the family Sánchez created F.J. Sánchez Sucesores, S.A. as part of a larger group also including Francisco José Sánchez Fernández, S.A. and Aceites La Pedriza, S.A. 

At the moment, our company is dedicated to the production, packaging and commercialization of capers, olive oils and olives. To achieve this we have built modern factories, equipped with the most advanced technology, where we process our products for marketing. Our zeal for quality starts at the raw materials stage, since we market products processed from origin to final packed formo In this way, we can guarantee that the origin and high quality of our products are controlled. 
The products that we market under our brand “La Pedriza” can be found on each of the five continents, and delight the most demanding of palates. Besides capers, olive oils and olives we also make a line of pickled products such as caperberries, onions, green peppers, garlic cloves, pickles and marinated artichokes. 
Our company is characterised by its fine products, highly qualified workforce, advanced technology and its concern for high quality. Since its founding, our company has offered products and services of the first quality.

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