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The Flame Vesuvius Srl was found in 1959 by the transformation of the former company Conserve Ambrosio was born in 1924. For over 80 years the family’s passion Ambrosio, who for three generation alternates at the helm of the company, has made a PV Ltd. of companies with more and solid experience in the field of canned food. The FV Srl is located at Ottaviano at the foot of the volcano Mount Vesuvius- from where it got its name, Flame of Vesuvius- a few kilometres from Naples, south of the Italian peninsula.

The Fv srl besides taking care of the production of canned food and vegetables has long been in the field of pulp processing of durum wheat semolina and bottling of olive oils and seed and distribution of branded wine and balsamic vinegars. With a variety of products typical of the Mediterranean Diet Fv Srl is able to provide its customers with a full range, which meets the needs not only of themselves but also of the new markets where the development of Italian food products and quality is increasingly strength to strength. All products follow a system of selection of raw materials and are manufactured in accordance with the strict rules of ISO 9001 and HACCP. The entire range is also available for consolidated loads.


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