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Bankok interfood

A country rich in agriculture with rice begin one of her best assets, Thailand is capable of producing high quality rice and its by-products to meet export demand. It was for this reason coupled with the increasing popularity of rice and its by-products, Bangkok Inter Food Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 as a producer of Rice / Glutinous Rice Flour, Starch, Mixed Flour, and Modified Starch under the brand names of “Jade Leaf “, and “Kangaroo”. In order to better serve our customers and to accommodate with future growing demands in the food industries, we have broadened our product portfolios by including other specialties such as Frozen Food and Ready- to- Cook items under the brand names of “AKARI” and “RAKU”, and Ready-to-Eat frozen confectionary under the brand “THAIFUKU.”

BIF has deployed the quality policies to help ensure only excellent products are produced.
Moreover, BIF’s achievement as “The First HACCP and ISO 9001 certified on the manufacturing of rice flour, glutinous rice flour, starch and mixed flour in Asia Pacific.”Has shown its deeply concern on the quality of its product.

Concerning on the environment, BIF has introduced clean technologies by implementing waste-water treatment system (waste-water are the major waste concern in flour and starch manufacturing), through the use of the Anaerobic Fixed Film System to collect methane gas, used during electricity generation.
In this way, BIF can help conserve energy, reduce green-house effects and guarantee that the nearly communities can always have their own fresh environment.
“BIF” always concern on quality, and take a deeply care on commitment to deliver the orders with excellent quality and on the agreed time frame.

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