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Bakels Edible Oils, a member of the International Bakels Group; is strategically located in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand's largest export Port.

Originating from a small Rendering Plant known as Pacific Proteins, the Bakels Group acquired full ownership of the Company in 1992 and from this time has made significant investment allowing for the expansion of operating capabilities and capacity. Our company has grown to become a leading refiner and processor of Fats and Food Oils.

Today Bakels Edible Oils is a 24/7 Oil Refining operation, employing in excess of 100 staff and manufactures a range of products for the Bakery, Foodservice, Industrial food processing, Dairy and Retail markets.

Bakels processes a range of locally sourced and imported raw materials in order to resupply as ingredients or finished products.

As a supplier to industry across the breadth of New Zealand, Bakels has a secondary site located in Timaru to support the needs of South Island customers.

Significantly, our greatest strength is the skill and commitment of our people who have a strong desire to meet our customer needs in a prompt and efficient manner.

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