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There is a secret behind every success. Every challenge must have a good foundation. F. DIVELLA S.p.a has been producing durum wheat pasta for more than 120 years. Its founder Francesco Divella started in 1890 when he built the first mill in Rutigliano (Bari), a small village in the middle of the valleys of Puglia.
This first mill was small but made of a very hard French millstone and has become the symbol of our firm: the production was limited, only 1000 kg of pasta per day, only in 10 different formats but of great quality.
The 80’s and 90’s were a turning point for Divella: a new investment produced a further growth of our premises and productive capacity.
DIVELLA means the best flavor, the highest quality and the healthiest diet.
Our mission is to spread excellent food throughout the world. Our philosophy can be summarized in our constant search for high quality standards which we have been working on for 4 generations by concentrating all our efforts in resources and energy inside our operational locations which include, as well as our pasta factory, our mills and new industrial premise for the production of biscuits and fresh pasta.

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